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  • 06:47:57: “The worst outcome for a startup is not failure — its mediocrity.” – Insight From Dropbox: Failure Is Not…
  • 06:51:34: Why Mediocrity Sucks!
  • 06:53:20: @rakstarppip Emailed u =)
  • 06:56:01: @firedancer67 Buhakhak :)
  • 06:59:12: & dj like a celebrity. =) RT @LasagnaSurfer: @roui926 we podcast and give trivias!
  • 07:01:51: Is that a new single of taeyang? RT @21eina: sooooo does that mean…Please Don’t Cry would be a bit similar to Wedding Dress?
  • 07:08:30: @czarinamaye Baliktad daw yan in real life =)
  • 07:10:25: RT @NatalieSEO: Success is like being pregnant: everybody congratulates you but nobody knows how many times you were fucked…
  • 07:16:11: RT @busterbenson: I sorta suck at communicating my “vision”. Which only leaves me with one option. Building it. #showdonttell
  • 07:16:57: Need to get a read-it-later account. Nanglood ko sa instapaper. :(
  • 08:21:37: @rakstarppip partly my fault. Instapaper changed to requiring email add/pw to log-in.didnt know abt it.
  • 08:22:34: @rakstarppip So now di nako ka access sa ako mga saved links didto.they don’t reply to my mao nglood ko. =) hehe
  • 08:24:45: Ow diri nga nanukad to SG? RT @ericzoo: Bye Cebu! You look lovely and shimmering up here.
  • 08:27:14: I want to create will record my fatness/laziness/sleeping/immobilelife stats until it will make d user feel gross abt his self.
  • 08:28:31: So fatbit will improve ur lifestyle by making u realize how gross ur old/existing lifestyle is.owww,i’m sooo wicked genius!amazon buy me now
  • 08:44:04: @mr_perk @hannah_bananahh @BhangzGraxia @kimykimymore @_lecor rusher morning =)
  • 08:44:27: @rakstarppip Bitaw noH. Sige, i’ll follow ur advice =)
  • 10:21:33: @infotechupdate the fb link from ur site is broken.
  • 10:48:31: gawd,DNScompany.f u can just email a stepbystep on how to transfer dns instead of just giving me a template email,we’re prolly good now
  • 11:48:51: a former dear HR manager of mine told me on skype that she sees me as ‘happy person’ so now i’m all smiling.=)
  • 11:49:47: eating my own dog food. (@ Caresharing, Inc. HQ)
  • 13:50:05: @iamgeminigurl can it be a message to someone u  missent to @tweetitow?
  • 15:52:43: reading The “Health Benefit Basket” in The Netherlands – tonsilbleed.
  • 16:07:52: cost of inspecting&maintaining equipment,modifying d home,providing special sanitary fittings,& heating r also reimbursable.->sosyalmasakit 
  • 18:06:32: what’s ur status — green, purple, or x?
  • 19:36:23: To spaghetti factory in ayala =)
  • 19:40:34: Sure ba. :)pasta person ka? RT @kayangel88: kuyog ko… (#feelingclose haha)
  • 19:48:02: @kayangel88 unsa imo favorite pasta place? =)
  • 19:54:35: @kayangel88 di ko pasta person actually. but recently tried fudge.try ko ron sa spaghetti factory.Unsa imo ma recommend sa spagfactory? =)
  • 19:54:50: Sorry.not yet. RT @seanyvesm @lasagnasurfer can i also post/tweet photos via @tweetitow thank you! :)
  • 20:05:43: @kayangel88 yes.i’m looking at it now sa menu – mafia style. Sige will try this =)
  • 20:17:14: Will check flow book at fullybooked after =)
  • 20:24:50: Hay nihirit jud ang popcorn kwing =) RT @pilyosopo: i hate to go there. there’s no more space. it’s always fullybooked.
  • 20:42:55: weehhh.found flow book (@ Fullybooked)
  • 20:51:29: @pilyosopo: hay,di ka madutlan og asin oy. Ang asin ma highblood sa imo =)

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