From Twitter 04-22-2011

  • 00:09:55: RT @ideatoki: WildFire iFrame App: An Easy Way to Create Customized Facebook Landing Page
  • 00:25:25: @rakstarppip sure =)))
  • 00:41:48: Spot the Google on their Earth Day Logo
  • 01:30:02: granny goose tortillos dipped into ube icecream. wishful thinking or not??? =)
  • 09:40:53: ?????? RT @LasagnaSurfer: On my way to work.
  • 09:42:56: @chuckiedreyfus Lolzzz on mil =)
  • 09:58:43: Murag inspired by ajperez lagi imo mga tweets da =) RT @cladosky: Sleep duration for the past days = 2 – 3 hrs. Hikog!
  • 09:59:48: Mixed reaxion :) :( RT @EngrMartie: yes! “@AUDYliciouss: three Krispy Kreme stores to be opened in Cebu by September this year.. :)”
  • 10:12:27: Misery loves company =) RT @markjeee: And oddly relieved, that it can happen even to the best of us, no matter how …
  • 10:13:55: I feel for d wives/partners of the coders/sys ads of amazon ec2 & of the affected services.
  • 10:59:24: @ThereseHabana na down ila servers, thres.and daghan man gud sad mga services nigamit sa ila servers like foursqr,screenstep & others.
  • 11:00:17: @ThereseHabana So headache kaayo na. Kay what if naay mga important data nga nawala,& such.
  • 11:02:15: @cladosky Same here.medyo overrated.
  • 13:49:44: Or another romeo =) RT @aShLe311: Aguy. Faeta. RT @DamnItsTrue: I hate knowing you’re my romeo but you have another juliet. #DamnItsTrue
  • 13:51:43: @LasagnaSurfer St peter life has e-libing & e-burol. =)
  • 16:13:22: I see @twitchangel =) RT @roui926: my banner for my site.
  • 16:44:56: Will cook calamares.share calamares #recipe. =)
  • 16:48:58: Owkei.=) @markjeee volunteered to cook.he’d rather cook than look after his equallycrazy kidssss. Lollers.
  • 17:21:20: Into the wild concrete.
  • 20:12:53: @seanyvesm not connected to globemobiletweet. I think u can text ‘tweet’ to 2363 to get a list of command keys
  • 21:01:09: This victoriasecretish ever bilena lotion smells like bazooka bubblegum to me.

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