From Twitter 04-23-2011

  • 07:45:52: ow foursquare is still down on my end
  • 08:28:07: @LasagnaSurfer Owkeis. Will do =) fyi: down later kay mag maintenance ang tgu.
  • 08:58:35: @rakstarppip i still <3 amazon though.somehow they make it easy/affordable for people to get up their web prods.
  • 09:04:48: “Make Your Own Easter Balls (April 22, 2011) via @tweetitow trivia challenge for credits PLS RT” ->mahilig sa balls =)
  • 09:11:22: Ayyy. I meant ‘mahilig sa eggs’ =)
  • 09:34:19: @marvinisaac For receiving updates.bydway, @tweetitow is now down. beback prolly tonight.pls tell ur friends.thanks
  • 09:38:50: RT @tweetitow: I’m DOWN now. Maintenance at d building started. the earliet i’ll be back is tonight, the latest will b monday noon. PLS RT.
  • 09:40:48: @marvinisaac was available publicly b4 but we cut it off when #s were temporarily banned frm subscribing to unli. =)
  • 09:41:41: @EngrMartie Yes. nag maintenance ang bldg where it’s located. Wa’y kuryente. Pls tell ur friends. Thanks
  • 10:00:20: @marvinisaac Mayron. for a few who know abt it. & only on globe #s. are u on globe # ba?
  • 10:04:11: @marvinisaac Let me know f u hav globe# na =)
  • 10:17:52: @marvinisaac Yes. Just add it to ur existing acct.
  • 10:20:07: @roui926 Sa graphicstar is 500-600/box for double-sided.i’m not sure how many in a box.basta daghan au. =)gai nya ko
  • 10:21:16: Unsaon man tong beautiful in d inside? =) RT @twitchangel: when only a part of you looks good. START CROPPING! XD
  • 10:23:43: @roui926 Yes. Small box oy. =) 300sthing for d 1-sided.
  • 10:35:37: just 30minutes to 11am.kahinanglan na ko magluto.
  • 11:18:02: @roui926 Naa sa sm. I think naa sad sila sa mandaue. check their website daw.
  • 11:25:57: @twitchangel @roui926 thalia esdatchu?
  • 14:40:31: The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know via @jamiewieck -> fun read =) #the50
  • 15:15:57: Google Offers. –> interesting to experiment on.
  • 15:16:54: it’s not that i don’t want to share my ideas.i just want to save you from executing it badly. #tarush
  • 15:53:16: “horny soldiers were stealing bandwidth -> u think the porn image is photoshopped?” – Corrupt Philippine…
  • 16:11:24: just wondering how some people were able to write good things about globe 4g when they had not used it yet.
  • 17:39:18: RT @markjeee: Nice article! “@ericzoo: Laughing + reading Camels and Rubber Duckies – Joel on Software
  • 17:45:48: Just started following ‘intelleto’ on SlideShare.
  • 17:49:57: RT @andrewchen: Photo of early Google offices :-) A lot of startup offices look luxurious in comparison?
  • 18:21:47: FanPic = Lean App. Fat Buzz. #projectfanpic
  • 18:51:20: i think i’ve been emotionallyblackmailed by u albeit unintentionally.f that’s what u think of me,then be’s no longer my prob.i’m tired
  • 18:51:51: @supergoddess27 yay! sayted! =))) didto diay mo ofis?
  • 18:52:04: @iloveneilm is owkei =)
  • 18:55:28: @supergoddess27 basin moanha sad si mark later. mag-on ni @tweetitow. hehe =)
  • 18:58:40: @xjbartz starstrucked w/ ur new profile pic =))))
  • 19:30:41: will attend mass at poor clare.been a long time i havent been to there.

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