From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 06:29:04: i just lost my eyes. Hayst.
  • 07:39:20: something i learn: marketing requires a lot of discussion before the actions.
  • 08:49:57: @xjbartz yep.d new gateway is should not charge u.will check on it. Thanks.bydway,kindly try d mms too pls.
  • 08:52:36: @marifela: @huelsecuditbe will check on it later.bydway,we have a a globelabs beta’s free for now cozstill testing it.thanks
  • 09:18:24: @xjbartz ow sad. can i msg u stime re ur probs w/ mms so we can see fix it our’s still not perfect kasi. Thanks
  • 14:28:53: i’m not random.i just act on pulse. #tarush
  • 14:35:26: @ecstaticviolet chay, f u want to use it as portfolio or for biz later on. use wp.but check weebly — ur then use wp for
  • 14:35:45: @ecstaticviolet then setup your blog to wp like points to wp
  • 16:44:22: Now showing: HTML/CSS Primer. I feel geeky =)
  • 16:50:59: Ken’s mobile device. PC & keyboard – mobile for willing to carry them.
  • 18:41:58: Michael jackson dancing fun in the car i love you, mj!!! =)i haz all your casette tapes!!!
  • 19:13:09: yay. sogo hotel is runnin a special on foursquare. literally ‘check in’ =)
  • 19:13:46: will steal mayorship frm @fredbaa? =) (@ Caresharing, Inc. HQ)
  • 19:21:47: ow logistics, u have so many hidden mysterious.are u hating me that much?
  • 22:39:46: @iwantmyname are u down?
  • 22:43:39: found bug on facebook. won’t ask me to sign out to confirm a different newly created account.
  • 22:43:58: but then, screenshot or it did not happen =)

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