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  • 07:33:05: @officialchezca We need to ask pa d globe people re TM. I’ll msg u.
  • 07:34:11: @xjbartz u’r not tm subscriber, right?
  • 08:06:58: @xjbartz it’s owkei.we still need to confirm w/ d globe if tm is included of the free. so now we know from u. =) thanks.
  • 08:07:22: @xjbartz the other numbers are still up.i mean it will be there forevre most prolly.
  • 08:08:01: @xjbartz yaa. i did get that probs. i thought it was solve. we’re making changes kasi w/ d code.that part might b affected. thanks 
  • 08:08:32: @markjeee pls check again RT @xjbartz: when i post on posterous via tweetitow, it dsnt autopost 2 twitter anymore. 
  • 08:09:26: fancake time =) 
  • 08:10:22: @officialchezca Yes. Accdg to @xjbartz it did charge his tm.
  • 08:33:23: Ggrrrr. hurot na pancake syrup.
  • 08:33:50: @loell oy. Can i ask screenshots frm u na lang sa tumbly? =)))
  • 09:03:46: Happy mother’s day to all =) RT @ennui1981: [blog entry] “Text Twist”
  • 09:04:43: How fun. Happy 3xmother’s day, thres =) RT @ThereseHabana: Baby Kuya and Raio
  • 09:10:28: RT @SpagDelivery: Spaghetti Factory Cebu’s Spagdelivery a much better look by @honeylynb =)
  • 09:12:05: nyay! pacquaio day today man diay. i’m scared for @tweetitow.
  • 09:13:39: all i want for mother’s day is to not be bothered for today. but hafta go coz oh well have to wipe someone’s bobutt =)
  • 09:14:00: @loell syeport is yours? =)
  • 09:14:53: am i being pessimist if i say i don’t believe in mother’s day.
  • 09:27:49: Ooyyy inlab =) RT @flysupergirl: Hey look at the sun, it’s brightly shining on my life and it’s all because of you. 
  • 09:29:48: @loell U mean from dti to bir? =)
  • 09:58:52: @loell Why? U hav local clients? =) medyo hasol jud na. magpaprinta na kag resibo ana =) hehe
  • 10:15:39: RT @fredwilson: @loic @parislemon its a great strategy to use FB comments if you want the commenters to leave. TC proved it. They have l …
  • 10:21:46: Cooked,prep/war over food,will clean up dishes/mess,then cook again. Repeat 2 more & more times. =) #mothership
  • 10:58:43: my basecamp
  • 12:30:25: RT @tweetitow: i’m having very high traffic today – mother’s day & pacquiao event. So delays / downtimes are our bestfriend today.
  • 12:53:49: RT @markjeee: with all the pacquaio tweets going through the gateways, i hope @tweetitow will survive till the final round. hehe :D
  • 12:58:20: Buhbye, you’re now offline. You have x credits. -> turning off my notifications in the thought of easing d traffic. Tough luck.
  • 13:20:55: @ryanandaya U lost ur bb?
  • 13:28:08: Quezo real w/ loacker or cheezy or ruffles? Or all?
  • 13:50:02: @ryanandaya Huhhhh? Why???? Dinukot? =(
  • 13:54:33: @tweetbabysweet7 Hi. long time, no tweet.
  • 13:56:54: Lollers RT @ederic: RT @angeldirecto: Yellow gloves to fight poverty. Jinkee wearing earrings worth 7M. What is wrong with this picture?
  • 14:01:07: @beachbumMD MANGO FLOAT! Thanks, nami!
  • 14:50:29: Locking myself in a room,hiding frm d kids while eating cheezy & quezo real. Happy mother’s day to me =)
  • 16:03:14: RT @LasagnaSurfer: The @tweetitow Trivia is postponed because I have chores to do. Have to wash clothes. Di ako dapat maghuhugas kasi ak …
  • 16:29:00: Weehhh. Thanks. Pls also d mms. Ur book arrived na? RT @rukku: Testing the new @tweetitow gateway.
  • 20:01:33: @mynameisCHAY When did u send ur tweets?
  • 20:20:03: Mati took this pic of me =)
  • 20:30:12: @thisissaul Yes.

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