From Twitter 05-09-2011

  • 07:58:30: accdg to my twitter timeline, the weather’s bad at ncr. and typhoon is now named justin bebeng. @thisissaul
  • 08:00:13: “@AllenYu26: Here’s my tribute to the Mothers. It’s a short one so pls read it. Thanks :)
  • 10:01:06: No.all old gateways are working. RT @kimeh: Ate Rose, the only Globe gateway left now is the 2373? :(
  • 10:02:32: @OscarDelaHopia: yes. So Sorry about that.have to do it to ease congestion. =(
  • 10:05:57: Yes while it’s on beta. Bydway,for globe #s only. RT @johnboqs for free ba ung mms support ng @tweetitow?
  • 10:09:43: @OscarDelaHopia they’re suppose to work =) have a new globelabs # 23737033. We’re testing it now. U can use that too
  • 10:38:19: Trying on some groovy orange/black frame at s.t. Chan optimal clinic =)
  • 11:39:08: They say f u marry for money,u’ll get money.just thinking did i marry for a computer/codes?
  • 11:49:55: View from the ayala cebu’s new puv terminal =)
  • 12:18:55: @viatchigab 2373 ang sa mms. u can txt ‘mms’ to get d format. Thanks
  • 12:31:12: Dear manong taxi driver, having no change is not my fault. It’s BOTH our fault so pls ayaw ko ayawa.
  • 12:49:52: @cladosky lollers. ayaw lang. we’re nice. =) not worth the hassle =) hehe
  • 14:23:23: @talk2globe is globe down?
  • 15:04:21: @Antininii ow. same here. happy to know we’re not alone =)
  • 15:51:10: chatting with kids over snapengage is always fun. =) most of their concerns are either their tweets for justin bieber or aaron villaflor
  • 15:51:26: isn’t life that simple noh =0
  • 15:51:58: @ahsymai yes. sun / smart lang owkei ngayon. it has sthing to do with the globe network in our area ata.
  • 16:05:20: RT @tweetitow: All Globe Numbers are Down: PLS RT
  • 18:07:34: RT @tweetitow: All Globe Numbers are Down Except 23737033 & 2373 (MMS) — Use Smart / Sun for now:
  • 19:11:47: @roriTOP not really. globe network is down in vis/min area. u can use sun/smart and globelabs # 23737033
  • 19:15:12: @LasagnaSurfer check @erwinofglobe.
  • 21:09:35: Where to find official statement from globe re vismin status? @talk2globe
  • 21:18:31: @jadejavu What i know is vis/min. I’m frm cebu so i’m affected. =)
  • 21:24:45: Inside meg’s playhouse =)

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