From Twitter 05-10-2011

  • 06:47:33: @ericzoo where to dl @Piclyf chrome extension?
  • 07:08:51: @purple25 @tweetitow is owkei now. have a safe trip.
  • 07:09:14: owww it’s @justinbieber’s concert later tonight, right???
  • 08:00:59: “@Sheilamie: @fredbaa, grab a copy of Sun.Star Cebu newspaper tomorrow. ^_^” – post sa bulletin board =)
  • 08:06:19: RT @tweetitow: Show Me Your @justinbieber Pics via 2373 MMS Gateway
  • 08:23:00: My nanay’s friend will b undergoing a surgery to remove a cancer tumor. =((( scary that big C is just like an everyday-thing today.
  • 08:23:46: Last year & this year, i got the big C scare. Not me though.
  • 08:48:02: The kids’ morning chaos is an everyday reminder of nganong ni-enter.
  • 09:23:59: Lining for kids’ enrollment. When u thought u’r done w/ this after college graduation.
  • 12:41:51: torn between which is which to do first 
  • 15:24:31: @CoachEdrick It’s free for globe#s while we’re testing it. thanks
  • 15:45:12: i just wanna lollers at ur face right now. lollers rollers lollers
  • 15:57:46: a school frm our neighboring town is running a special deal on foursquare. mura man not so appropriate noh?
  • 17:37:32: @dongpaolo We’re still testing it so it’s free for globe #s. Not tm. The old gateways are all working.
  • 17:50:21: @loonycookie Ur new username is suppose to work w/out re-registering. If not,then kindly re-reg.bydway, we’re testing d mms.This is @ybiang?
  • 19:17:55: @dongpaolo @LasagnaSurfer @yram_aden no fee for mms for globe #s since we’re still testing it.i think only globe #s can use this. =)
  • 19:18:12: Thanks for testing =)RT @ybiang: weee it works! thanks @tweetitow! RT: @ybiang: Trying out tweetitow’s mms service
  • 19:23:48: Q
  • 20:07:54: Weeehhhh!pls shout ‘i love u @justinbieber’ for me RT @purple25: Watching Bieber 3 @owrange
  • 20:10:25: Owkeis. Will demo it to u next time..=) RT @LasagnaSurfer: @owrange i already configured my mms. shit still wont work. ffffffffffffffffff
  • 20:50:08: No. Sorry. Globe pa.mao amo testingAn RT @cladosky: @LasagnaSurfer Mu work ang MMS sa Sun? :/
  • 22:39:17: @Jonver_David it’s free while we’re testing it, even if u’r not unli.
  • 22:50:20: @Jonver_David: It’s free only to globe #s.not tm.she might b tm? Anyhoo, old #s are still working.

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