Mobile OS Tally: Apple-7, Nokia-6, Android-1, Blackberry-?

I got this image from the slides below. I’m surprise to see that:

* Japan loves Apple. I mean they’re known to be so advanced regarding mobile devices with their DOCOMO. But it seems they’re ditching their own for Apple.

* Nokia is still number 2, and I think Android and Blackberry have still a lot of catching up to do. And, looking at it, it seems, it’ll be really stupid for them to make Windows their flagship mobile OS.

* Android is most popular in South Korea – not the surprising thing. The surprising thing is that it just shows how nationalistic South Koreans are — for buying their Samsung / LG phones over iPhone.

* Blackberry – If the infograph is true, it confirms that they’re really in trouble. But probably only to the individual consumer. They’re probably still strong with the enterprise — companies who wants to keep track of their employees. =)

* You might be more profitable making symbian apps over Android. I guess Android does well with creating hardware using it, than creating software for it. Or, create hardware and software and sell them as one.


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