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‘Unlimited’ Mobile Browsing Promos

I believe it was Globe who started offering P20/website for 24 hours. Then, now Smart has made their counter-offer of P20/website (correct me if I’m wrong). Sun’s offer is P50/whatever website for 24 hours too.

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Setting Up Motorola Mobile Phones WAP/Internet/GPRS/MMS Configurations

My last post was about how to configure the wap/internet/mms settings of Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. I had not said much about Motorola because I did not see help page for Philippines. So I emailed them, and earlier, they sent me the proper help page for wap/internet/MMS settings for Motorola units. You can click here to redirect to Motorola’s Settings Update page.

Proper configuration of your mobile phones wap/internet/gprs/mms setting is necessary for you to be able to send/upload pictures to facebook, twitter, or other websites straight from your mobile phone.

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Configuring Mobile Phone’s GPRS/WAP/Internet Setting (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung)

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Configuring Mobile Phone’s GPRS/WAP/Internet Setting (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung)

I was reading Snaptu’s help page when I find resources on how to set your mobile phone’s wap/gprs/internet settings. Correct setting of the wap/mms/email settings of your mobile phone is necessary if you want to send MMS or upload pictures to facebook/twitter or any other websites. Sending MMS/picture requires wap, the least.

I believe the new sims provided by our local network providers (Globe/TM, Sun, Smart/TNT) are wap/gprs/internet-ready (the settings are already configured). But for those mobile phones that are not yet configured, and customer service of your network provider proved to be not so helpful, following are pages of mobile phones websites that provides help in manually set up your celphone’s wap settings:

1. NOKIA – please click here. Their help page basically just give you steps on how to configure by yourself the settings of your phone. In the end, they give you an advice to contact your network provider. Honestly, if you are someone like me who is a tech dodo, their page is not that helpful. But nevertheless, it might be a good start in knowing about your nokia phone’s internet settings.

2. Samsung – please click here. I’m a bit disappointed with their wap-setting-configuration help site. They basically just give you a list of SMART/GLOBE/SUN method of setting up your celphone’s wap/gprs/3g/2g settings.

3. Sony Ericsson – please click here.  I have already mentioned this in my previous post, Tricks and More Tricks of MMS. Sony Ericsson proves to have the best support regarding wap/internet/gprs/mms/email settings. Actually, it looks like they have the best support site. Because you just need to enter your phone model/network provider/celphone number, and they would send the settings configuration to your celphone. All you have to do is save and save the settings they send you. I tried this, and it works. So it’s worth checking.

4. Motorola – please click here. Unfortunately, they do not provide support for Philippines. It looks like their way of wap setting configuration is like that of Sony Ericsson where they will send you the settings configuration. But, how sad they’re not available here Philippines. I wonder why when it’s known a fact that we are mobile phone crazy. Can it be that they’re not a big hit here? UPDATE: I emailed motorola’s customer support asking about gprs setting assistance for Philippines. They were very fast in giving me the proper link — click here.

For those who wish to post pictures to their twitter account, you can find my previous posts, here and here, which might be helpful to you.


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