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About unlimited text promos and packages of different mobile networks here in Philippines — Globe/Touch Mobile, Smart/TnT, Sun Cellular.

AstigUnliTextAll – Touch Mobile’s UnliText Promo for General Santos

TM’s AstigUnliTextAll gives you unlimited texting to all network — Globe, Smart/TNT, Sun Cellular, and Red Mobile numbers. But this is only available for General Santos City subscribers.

To register / subscribe to Touch Mobile’s AstigUnliTextAll, text the following command keys to 8888




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Globe MySuperTxtAll — unlimited texting to all networks for Postpaid users

MySuperTxtAll has a fixed monthly fee of P599 valid for 30 days. Users will be asked to register once and will be charge on a monthly basis.

The service, however, is available only until May 30, 2011.

MySuperTxtAll is the latest add-on to the all-new Globe My Super Plan which allows users to personalize and customize their postpaid plans based on their choice of consumable plans, freebies, unlimited services, and handsets.

“We are proud to offer one of our biggest services to postpaid customers to date. Globe MySuperTxtAll is another innovation from Globe that responds to the call of our consumers to have an unlimited text offer to all networks. There are inter-network SMS offers available but they are not unlimited,” said Martha Sazon, head of Globe postpaid.

“With Globe MySuperTxtAll, our subscribers stay updated and in the loop with the happenings of all their friends regardless of their mobile phone networks — all day, all week and all month, with no restrictions. This offer is truly an empowering service to our users, changing the way they text and allowing them to enjoy their Globe Postpaid their way.”

The monthly service fee is charged on top of the subscriber’s current bill.

For registration, users simply text MYSUPERTXTALL ON to 8888. Within 1 hour from registration, users will receive a confirmation message notifying them that they can start using the service.

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Talk ‘n Text UNLITALK PLUS – 5 days of UnliTalk & UnliText

UNLITALK PLUS can give you 5 (five) days of unlimited texting, and call (unlimited call schedule is 10pm to 5am the following day) to Smart and Talk ‘n Text numbers. To register / subscribe, text:

T100 to 4547

To call, dial *4547 + TNT or Smart number. For example, *45470191234567

I’m just not sure if the promo is still on.


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Talk ‘n Text unlimited call and text to Smart and Talk ‘N Text (TNT) numbers.

Unlitxt 20 plus — One (1) day of unlimited text and 10-minute call to Smart & Talk ‘n Text (TNT). TO register, text

GU20 to 4545

Unlitxt 30 plus — Two (2) days of unlimited texts and 20-minute call to Smart & Talk ‘n Text (TNT). To register, text

GU30 to 4545

Unlitxt 55 plus — Three (3) days of unlimited texts and 30-minute call to Smart and TNT. To subscribe, text

GU55 to 4545

Unlitxt 99 plus — Seven (7) days of unlimited texts and 40 call minutes to Smart and TNT. To subscribe, text

GU99 to 4545

Promo runs until December 20, 2010.


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LibrengTeks New Feature: Send Email via Text / SMS for Free


Last month, I wrote about LibrengTeks which you can use to send free text messages to any Philippine mobile networks — Sun Cellular, Smart, Talk N Text, Globe, and Touch Mobile.

I revisited their site today, and I saw in their FAQ page that you can also send emails via text through LibrengTeks — isn’t it sweet! Following is how to, which I lifted from their site, send emails using text or SMS via LibrengTeks:

D) Using my Philippine based cellphone, how can I use LibrengTeks to send emails?

Message format should be “TO><space>Your message.
Example: If I am a Globe subscriber and want to send a free email to
I type my message as: TO> My friend! Sinend ko to gamit ang librengteks. Ayos ba?

Then send to the LibrengTeks Globe hotline which is 0915 491 2875 .
(The list of hotline numbers is here)

If our hotline for a network/carrier is offline, you can use the hotline for another network. But, of course, you will be charged the usual network-network charges. Example, if Im a Smart user and want to send email using my cellphone, even though the Smart hotline for LibrengTeks is offline, I simply send my message to the Globe hotline (if it’s online), and your message will be sent. Smart will charge ou the usual 1.00 (or is it 1.50 or 2.00?) for sending a message to another network.


I tried it, and it works.

Email Via TExt / SMS sent through

The Email from Librengteks sent via SMS / Text as viewed from my gmail email account


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TxtMoLibreKo — Free Text for Globe / Touch Mobile

TxtMoLibreKo is a web-based application that can let you send free text or sms to Globe and Touch Mobile numbers. This service is brought to you by Chikka, which has been known to be the first in providing this kind of service — free texting via web, desktop application, and now also in your iPhone / iPod.

I like TxtMoLibreKo for its simpler interface, and simpler way of using it. But unfortunately, I just cannot seem to make it work. I cannot send any SMS from the web because the ‘Send’ button just doesn’t work even after repeatedly clicking it.

TxtmoLibreKo -- free text to Globe & TM by Chikka


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Heywire – Free SMS / Texting from your iPod Touch App

Ever wonder how you can text from your ipod touch just like from any regular celphone? Heywire is an iPod Touch / iPhone application that can let you send SMS / text to a regular mobile number any country in the world, including Philippines (kindly double check on their list of countries covered).

Anyhoo, I tested it by sendig a text to my Globe celphone number, and it worked. I received the SMS I sent via heywire. In short, it can be a way to send free text from your ipod touch or iphone to any mobile numbers in the Philippines — globe / tm, smart / tnt, sun cellular.

It has also an instant messaging feature, and also facebook chat. But I have’t used them.

Following was the test SMS / text I sent from Heywire iPod touch application to my Globe number.


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