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All About the 2-way SMS-based update twitter application

Post/Update your Blog via Text/SMS

@tweetitow makes updating your blog via SMS available. You can now post a blog article when you are mobile, when you are away from your computer, even without internet connection because you can now simply text your blog post to @tweetitow gateway.

To be able to text your blog posts, following are some necessary steps you need to do.

1. Register to @tweetitow. To register, please click here or here. If you are alreay a registered @tweetitow user, you can skip this.

2. Sign up and manage your Posterous account. Please check the All-in1 @tweetitow page for your reference on how to set-up a Posterous account.

3. Once you already have set-up your posterous account, add your social networking sites and blog sites where you wish the blog post you text to @tweetitow gateway will be posted. Posterous has an ‘autopost’ feature which automatically updates other social networing sites and blog sites you set-up for autopost.

So how will this SMS blogging via @tweetitow will work?

Once you text your blog post to @tweetitow, it will be posted to your posterous account which will in turn update the blog sites and social networking sites you set-up for autopost. To know the mechanics on how to SMS blog via @tweetitow, please check their SMS Blogging page.

I have been using the SMS blogging feature of @tweetitow for the past days already, and it’s quite convenient especially for someone like me who love to scribble her thoughts down. So I can always post a blog when I’m stuck in the traffic, on the road on the way to home or other destinations.

Following is how I set up and use @tweetitow’s SMS blogging capability. I have twitter, facebook, and wordpress for autoposting in my posterous account.

Setting up Autoposting in Posterous

I compose a message from my mobile phone to be sent as SMS to @tweetitow gateway number.

Composing a Blog Post to be sent as SMS from my mobile phone

Posterous then post it on my posterous webpage, to my wordpress, to my facebook, and my twitter.

Posterous Post via @tweetitow

@tweetitow > Posterous autopost to wordpress

@tweetitow > Posterous autopost to facebook

@tweetitow > Posterous autopost to twitter

Here is a list of social networking sites and blog/web sites you can set up for autopost in Posterous: Twitter, plurk, facebook, facebook pages, jaiku, friendfeed, linkedin, identica, blogger, tumblr, typepad, wordpress, movable typepad, livejournal, shopify, xanga, drupal, flickr, picasa, YouTube, vimeo, viddler,, scribd, delicious and many others coming soon.

It is now time to level up from texting, to tweeting,and now to blogging. Such is the power of SMS!


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SMS Blogging via @tweetitow

i’m ‘typing’ this now while waiting for my poop to drop. I’m really really really excited with this new thing – SMS Blogging.

I cannot wait to share this with you. =)

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@tweetitow & Posterous – Update your Plurk, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Blogging Sites via SMS

Aside from twitter and facebook, you can now update your plurk, jaiku, friendfeed, tumblr, wordpress, livejournal, blogspot and other social networking and blogging platform via SMS/text send to @tweetitow gateway. @tweetitow made this possible by connecting with Posterous. Posterous has this feature called ‘autopost everywhere.’ You can add different social networking and blogging sites to its ‘autopost everywhere’ list.

How Posterous Autopost Works

Following is the complete list of online sites which Posterous can ‘autopost’ to:

* Twitter
* plurk
* facebook
* facebook pages
* jaiku
* friendfeed
* linkedin
* identica
* blogger
* tumblr
* typepad
* wordpress
* movable typepad
* livejournal
* shopify
* xanga
* drupal
* flickr
* picasa
* YouTube
* vimeo
* viddler
* scribd
* delicious

If you were able to set-up all these sites for ‘autopost’ in your posterous, then you can update them all with just 1 SMS/text to @tweetitow’s gateway.

To be able to do this, you need to be a registered user of @tweetitow. You can check here on how to register to @tweetitow. If you are a @tweetitow registered user already, you can update posterous by prefixing your message with letter ‘p.’

For example:
p I love posterous and @tweetitow.

Or, you can send the following command key to the gateway:

/via posterous

Your account wil be switched to posterous mode. You no longer need to to prefix your message with ‘p.’ All your updates send to @tweetitow will automatically be posted to posterous.

Please check @tweetitow’s ‘All-in-1 @tweetitow’ page for a more detailed instruction.

Aside from the ‘autopost’ feature of Posterous, there are a lot of things you can do with it. But one of the features which I like about posterous is it provides you with a simple built-in ‘Analytics feature. This can provide you with an idea of how many people click the link attached to your post to view your posterous page. You can see how ‘popular’ you are. We all love ‘attention.’ Whoever does not is not human. If you want more detailed high-end analytics, Posterous build their system that it is easy for you to add google analytics to it.

Below is an example of how their built-in Analytics feature work, this tweet gets viewed 50 times. (You can also see the analytics stats in the ‘Manage’ page of your posterous account.) I’m not really sure if it is accurate but then I do not really care. Though, I do not advise you to get hooked with the numbers of hits. Because at the end of the day, they are just figures, what matters most is if you are pleased/satisfied with what you have done.

Posterous Built-in Analytics

For me, using posterous is a chance for us to bring our tweeting hobby/addiction to another level. My point is that not all of us have the ‘like/talent/skill’ to blog or create a post with more than 140 characters. But then tweeting is a start, and with posterous, this is where you can try to experiment to share that is more than 140 characters. Well, it does not necessarily need to be characters though.

How to connect to Posterous via @tweetitow? Please click here.


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how i wish posterous can autopost to multiply.i’m old school. Test post

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can i post more than 140 characters via posterous?it will be cool to be able to do that.cooler thank kool-aid. And tastier than nestea ice tea.juicier

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How to use @tweetitow? (2-Way SMS-Based Twitter Update)

Please go to for a more updated information.

@tweetitow is a 2-way SMS-based twitter application, which is the true essence of Twitter. You can do 2 things with @tweetitow — 1. send twitter upates and 2. receive twitter updates straight from your mobile phone. It has 3 gateway numbers for Globe, Smart, and Sun users.


To get started, following are steps:

1. Create an account in twitter. Remember your correct log-in IDs – username and password.

2. Once you have have a twitter account, you can now register to @tweetitow.  To register, text the following from your mobile phone:

Reg username password


reg maricel diamonstar

Then, send to any of the following numbers:

SMS.Gateway #s

Globe/TM:0915-692-4349 & 0927-404-1751;



3. You can receive confirmation via text and mention in your twitter timeline.

Once you are done with these 3 steps, you can then start texting or sending as SMS your tweets. You can compose your tweet just like how you text your friends.

To mention another twitter user in your tweet, simply insert the username like this: Tomorrow I will marry @britneyspears.

To send a direct message (DM) to another twitter user, simply put a ‘d’ at the start followed by the username you want to send the DM.

You can do it like this: d @username this is a secret message.


Now to receive your mentions and direct messages or other users’ twitter updates, you need to go online after you register to @tweetitow. To start receiving updates, following are steps:

1. Send /on to any gateway numbers to go online. Once you are online, you can then receive your DMs and mentions.

2. To receive other users updates, send the command key in this format: /follow @user1 @user2 @user3

You can follow up to 8 users. To stop following a user, send: /leave @user

3. To go offline, send: /off

Please note that once you go online again, you need to follow again the users. If you want to maintain the people you follow but you want to stop receiving updates for the meantime, then use send: /hold

Following are complete list of command keys you can use regarding receiving updates:
/on -> To go online and start receiving updates — mentions and DMs.
-> To go offline. This means you will stop receiving updates.
/credits -> To check how many credits you still have.
/follow @user1 @user2 @user3 up to 8 users -> To start receiving updates from the user you follow. At the start, you will only receive mentions and DMs updates. If you want to receive tweet updates from a particular twitter user, you need to activate receiving updates from them. Example format, /follow @tweetitow.
/leave @user -> To stop receiving updates from a particular activated user.
/followstats -> To get a list of the twitter users you activated to receive updates from your phone.
/hold -> Hold sms updates. Similar to the command /off except that the settings and user you activate to receive updates from the last session are keep.
/resume -> To resume your session, and receive updates again from your phone.
-> To verify what twitter account you registered to T2.
/give @user -> To give another @tweetitow registered user some of your credits. Giving is sharing is loving.
/whatsnew -> To retrieve the 5 recent updates (from the last 24 hours) from any of the people you follow (including those you did not turn on to receive updates from your phone). To receive another 5 recent updates, simply send /whatsnew again — the 5 older tweet updates will be sent to your phone.
/whatsnew @user -> To retrieve the 5 recent updates of a user from the last 24 hours.

Send the command key to any of the gateway numbers for execution.

For a more detailed steps and information, please check the help page of If you need more help, please message @owrange or @tweetitow.

Happy tweeting with @tweetitow!


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Tweetitow Daily Dose

Busy with other stuffs so I’ll just do some ‘filler’ post.

@tweetitow’s daily dose of ‘perk-me-up’ drinks

grande hazelnut cafe latte

grande hazelnut cafe latte

coffee beans grind for coffee press

coffee beans grind for 'coffee press'

ground coffee beans cooked by barista @rj_fernandez

ground coffee beans cooked by barista @rj_fernandez

finished product coffee - smells so good

finished product coffee - smells so good

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