Rose Buenconsejo

I’m a mother to 3 toddlers – yes, my brain is still functional. Functional enough to learn wordpress, css, and anything techy that would make me such a cool mother!

Update: I never learned css — if you see this wordpress site, the only thing I managed to change is its background color to orange — which I don’t know if it’s an improvement or not.

Partly learned about wordpress.

and, i’m still a trying-hard techy wannabe.

and, my brain is functional enough to process 140 characters. =)

and, I quit my job to tweet.

Angelica this still photoshopped? on Twitpic

That is not me.

And, it’s still not I on the pic.

You can read my diary in here.

My diary is still there.

Edit to add: I think I need to put up some real stuffs here to make it more believable, and to look trustworthy enough person. =)

27 responses to “Rose Buenconsejo

  1. chaii

    ♥ Hey guys ! Follow me on twitter @Acuxichaii . Thank you so much ! :)

  2. chaii

    ♥ Hey guys ! Follow me on twitter @Acuxichaii . Thank you so much ! :)))

  3. Anonymous

    why i cant register my phone number in tweetitow?? my username mitchnoveras

  4. Jonalie

    Ate registered nako bakit wala padin di pa rin pmapsok :(((

    • Jonalie

      Please reply my complaint ate :((( sana makapsok na sya ulet thru may twitter thanks :)

  5. Bhabes Ortiz

    I have two complaint here with TM.
    1. Since Christmas day some of my text greetings were not received and yet my load was deducted.
    2. The Astig reward since last year cannot be claimed even though I followed the keyword. In my last reward I had accumulated more than 227.00 and now I have more than a hundred I’ve tried to claim pero wrong keyword pa rin. Bakit ganun? You can check it out, but I don’t want to post my number here.
    Please give me an explanation on these issued because I am planning to make my formal complain to DTI and NTC.

  6. pa help naman nung sim ko nakaka text pero dindi nakaka reciver ng mga txt !!! eto yung number 09359764841

  7. Patulong naman oh. :( Ayaw gumana nung akin. Sa first acct ko kc gumana, pero ngayon na gumawa ako ng new acct, and registered d same number, ayaw na gumana. So nagchange na naman akong number just to register to tweetitow, pero ayaw parin gumana. :(

  8. hello po.. pa help naman po.. di na po napopost mga tweets ko.. @kenisha_meh po username ko… please po.. thanks :))

  9. ace

    do you want help??im doin some themes in wordpress…its free for you :) just practicing my designing skills

  10. kstew

    i can’t see my tweets. @imkbitch

  11. halo owrange, salam kenal ajah ya.. gue kagak ngarti bahasa lu :)

  12. kuyabob

    hello, ms. rose, i ran out of credits, what do I do to earn more? tnx. – @kuyabob

  13. I can help you with your wordpress theme! :) this is @czarinamaye. one of your loyal fansssssss. ;D

  14. lan

    how can i get credits?please?

  15. lan

    How can I get more credits, please?

  16. How can I get more credits, please?

  17. Joowel

    How can I get more credits, please?

  18. chezca

    hey how can i get credits?

  19. hannah

    is it safe to use it?

    • owrange

      You can trust us.=) yes,it is safe.everything s automated so no human intervention or whatsoever.