@tweetitow is an SMS and now MMS – based twitter application in the Philippines. You can tweet via texting, and post pics to twitter via MMS.

To register, please go here


There are 2 steps now in registration:

1. Twitter OAuth

2. Mobile Registration

If you encounter problems, feel free to message @tweetitow or @owrange. So we can look into it.


411 responses to “@tweetitow

  1. Does it increase the plan bill if we’ll use this?

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  4. Anonymous

    @owrange I’m registered to @tweetitow but I can’t send my tweets using SMS. This is my username @DemonIceQueen

  5. I do trust all of the ideas you’ve introduced on your post. They’re really convincing and will definitely work.
    Still, the posts are too short for beginners.
    May you please extend them a little from subsequent time?
    Thanks for the post.

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  7. Hi. I’m having trouble posting tweets using this gateway number: 0915-692-4349 care to help?

  8. kasa ka?

    any girls who needs financial help or support from laguna, preferably a college student… just drop me an email at threebomb@yahoo.com

  9. Claire

    Pano po mag’mobile registration? Kasi po, di ko
    Alam pano yun gawin. Yung pinagsesendan ko kasi my bayad na 1. Eh ang gusto ko, pag unli ako anytime, makakapag’tweet ako. Asap.

  10. Anonymous

    TXT ME 09489972588 OR 09261733834

  11. janjan

    paTulong naman kung pano iistop yung TMCOMBO40 galking sa reward. please.

  12. Anonymous

    it absolutely works but it has the condition, which is to lose a peso every tweet! liar and… liar. oh why.

  13. Anonymous

    yey! thanks po :) pde po ba sa MMS naman?

  14. chaii

    ♥ Hey guys ! Follow me on twitter @Acuxichaii . Thank you so much ! :)))

  15. chaii

    ♥ Hey guys ! Follow me on twitter @Acuxichaii . Thank you so much ! :)

  16. choiiiii

    Hey guys ! Follow me on twitter @Acuxichaii . Thank you so much ! :)

  17. chingkay

    im in globe plan prepaid. does this mean ive been charge peso per txt when im tweeting?

  18. Einre

    bakit sa TM nababawasan ang load sabi walang bawas

  19. Anonymous

    username: tingpatrick mobile number: 09063279297

    i’m not receiving any confirmation

  20. Inah

    bakit ganun ? nababawasan ng piso sa load ko pag nagttweet ako ? akala ko ba libre ??

  21. Bakit may charges pag sa tm? -_______- Unfair sa tm users.


    my personal property of my mobile#

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t get what you mean by “my personal property of my mobile #..” your mobile number has ownership? Nice. -Friend

  23. Anonymous

    hey. my tweets are no longer appear on my twitter account. what will i do to access this again? reply asap. thanks!!! :)

    • Anonymous

      Your tweets are no longer appear on your account? That’s sad. Sad because I didn’t get what you mean.

  24. Vhea Camille Perey Vicente

    T4n9 1n4 n1y0 th4l59h444!!! wh4ln9 kw3nt41

  25. Vhea Camille Perey Vicente

    WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!?!?!?!?! I am Vhea. Call me at 3998921 if you can teach me how to do this.

  26. Anonymous

    No tweets from tweetitow are shown in my timeline. Why is that? >O<

  27. summer

    MY CELL# +639192616111—SMS

  28. hindi pa rin ako confirmed since kagabi :(

  29. Anonymous

    hindi pa rin ako confirmed since kagabi :(

  30. Anonymous

    i will be charge if i tweet via cp

  31. Anonymous

    hindi rin na nagpopost yung tweets ko :|

  32. Hi. Why are my tweets not appearing on my timeline? :((

  33. The Urban Nomad

    my tweets are not appearing. FAIL. such a disappointment.

  34. miannbee009

    before i was a prepaid user of globe and now im postpaid. if i use and send my tweets to the Globe Gateway number: 23737033, will i be charged P1 everytime i use it on my bill???

    • Ariane Volante

      I’m encountering the same. Did you changed your number?

      • Anonymous

        Your grammar is incorrect. Did+ base form of the verb. So it should be “Did you change your number?” -Friend :)

      • Anonymous

        Your grammar is incorrect. It should be “Did you change your number?” -Friend

  35. hello po! i haven’t receive any messages :((

  36. Isaiah Talampas

    All of my contacts was gone so I don’t where I’ll send my tweets. Please answer my query as soon as possible. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      The first sentence did not make sense at all. Seriously. WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! Try mo kayang tagalugin/ Kaya hindi maayos ang tweets mo kasi balubaluktot ka magmessage. -Friend

  37. Anonymous

    I can’t see my tweets. is there any problem?

  38. Anonymous

    why all my tweets didn’t appear in my timeline? :(

    • Anonymous

      This sentence construction is horrible. Magtagalog ka na lang. SWEAR! -Friend

  39. hey there

    can you fix it asap

  40. aynako

    it’s not working

  41. aynako

    can’t still tweet tru mobile. :@

  42. andrea

    Where could I tweet? After sending this link?

  43. grace

    i cant access tweets from my phone don’t show up on twitter

  44. joanne

    I can’t send my tweet even though I am registered already!!!!!

  45. Joy

    I tried to tweet using the sun globe and smart numbers. but my tweets are not posted. please help me ;)

  46. Dotty

    hi im trying to register a new number but until now wala pa naapprove ang request ko. please help me thanks

  47. Bakit hindi ko natatangap yung tweets ko na sinesend tru tweetitow? Please help. I hope you’ll reply thaks :)

  48. Jonalie

    Last ask na po ! pano po burahin yung nakaregistered na unang number dun ? para pailtan ko po sa pag reg thanks po

  49. Jonalie

    Pwede po mag ask ?? pano po pag sa Globe? nakapg reg ndin po kse ako sa smart ee. dpo ba pwde na ilipat nalng po s GLOBE ko ? :))

  50. mark

    tnx.. working sa akin

  51. Anonymous

    How to use tweetitow using sms?

  52. Anonymous

    hey! i lost my tweetitow number , how can i retrieve it? thanks!

  53. Anonymous

    hindi ko mkita sa twitter ko ko ung mga tweets thru tweetitow :( help me guys thank u

  54. Rochiie

    Ittext lang ba sa number na binigay yung tweets?

  55. Try lang. I’m new here.

  56. Anonymous

    Astig! Gumagana talaga, wala pang bawas sa load :>> hhaha!

  57. Anonymous

    It worked for me . Send your tweets to this number 0927-404-1751. This is the gateway number for Globe.

  58. Anonymous

    hey…guys after i recieve a sms.. from 0915… and sent me a link.. what i’m gona do next… pls help me…

  59. Anonymous

    I’m a Globe Subscriber, please help me where I will send my tweets?

  60. Anonymous

    please help. where am i going to send my tweets? I’m a Globe Subscriber

  61. Anonymous

    please help. where am i going to send my tweets?

  62. Anonymous

    Hindi ko po nakikita ung mga tinweet qoh..

  63. since I was regitered @tweetitow, i can’t see my tweets at my twitter account even if I send messages through tweetitow. what’s happening??

  64. faye

    I can’t see my tweets. Please help me. My username @btwiamawsm

  65. AWESOMEEE! It’s working!! <33

  66. Anonymous

    diko na makita yung mga tweets ko thru tweetitow. how sad. :”(

  67. Anonymous

    hanggang 2 hours lang ba pwede mag tweetitow?

  68. Anonymous

    i already registered, got the code. what is the next step?

  69. Anonymous

    pano po mag.send ng picture sa twitter? e.send lang din po buh sa number na binigay? please reply po .. :(

  70. g

    hindi nasesend tweets ko. why??

  71. Anonymous

    BAT SAKIN GUMAGANA NMN HAHA. WAG KAYO MAG SEND DUN SA NUM NA 23737033, may bayad talga jan. Ung ibibigay na number na globe or smart, dun kayo magtxt free xa pag naka unli ka.

  72. On what number can I send my tweets? I’m using globe.

  73. verm

    hi :) this is very amazing but i cant receive tweet alerts :( how can i receive alerts or notifications that someone mentioned me :) THank you :) im a globe user.. i hope u will reply .. god bless ..

  74. chard_eyt

    why can’t this be for free? i just tried sending my twit to this gateway 23737033 and it charged me P1.00. If you guys won’t make your services free of charge for those who uses unlimited text, i doubt it if people will still patronize this. I’m sorry.

    • tien

      chard_eyt ! ndi kasi dun mag ttweet ee. dun sa gateway number mo itetext. so if u are unlimited. it won’t make a chrge.

  75. Anonymous

    It’s not working. :(

  76. Anonymous

    Bakit hindi ako makapag post?

  77. Im using postpaid “unliCall and Text” from globe. So, if i send my tweets on the gateway #. Is it free?? Please! Answer. Para pag hindi, i should stop using this app.

  78. jessica

    I can’t seem to send tweets using blackberry. How can I solve this? Thanks

  79. Gwen

    This is so nice. :)

  80. My tweets today are not posted in twitter? What happened? But my tweets for the last days were posted. Please, fix the problem. If ever there is. Thank You.

    • I think there’s a problem with the network today. I can’t even send a tweet to both of the gateways. Is it the weather or the network, itself. Could you please fix the problem. I really need to Tweet so badly.

  81. ramon dador

    i cant see my tweets too? what happen???

  82. Anonymous

    i cant see my tweets too? what happen???

  83. Hey. My tweetitow is not working. I can’t see my tweets. :( I dunno what to do. Can you help me? Please :\

  84. Odie Ceive

    I lost my phone along with my sim recently. But since I’m post-paid, nagpagawa ako ng bagong sim with the same number. My account is still registered with the same number so, my problem now is how to retrieve the number wherein I sent my tweets before. Thanks!

  85. How much is a tweet if my # is on Post Paid (line)? Is it still free?

  86. Anonymous

    How much is a tweet is my # is on PostPaid?

  87. I change my username and I registered a new number but I can’t see my tweets. And @tweetitow said that my new number is successfully registered. But I don’t see any mentions of @tweetitow on my timeline. PLEASE HELP ME!!! my username is @ItsFayForRealZz.

  88. nagreregister na po ako ng tatlong beses. Dalawa kasi naregister na number. The first one, I’m not using it anymore cuz i lost my phone. Every reg ko, there’s a message that’s giving a link and when i do click it, etong page yung lumalabas. Wala akong natatanggap na text for mobile registration which should I receive after texting the command na nakalagay sa previous page, when clicking the signup.Ano pong nangyayari?

  89. Anonymous

    nagreregister na po ako ng tatlong beses. Dalawa kasi naregister na number. The first one, I’m not using it anymore cuz i lost my phone. Every reg ko, there’s a message that’s giving a link and when i do click it, etong page yung lumalabas. Wala akong natatanggap na text for mobile registration which should I receive after texting the command na nakalagay sa previous page, when clicking the signup.Ano pong nangyayari?

  90. Ruffane

    Im sending my tweets here :) 23737033 :)

  91. Does it need maintining balance? :) Thank you!

  92. justtheusual

    I don’t get it?? XD where’s should I send my tweets??

  93. Anonymous

    looking forward to a great weekend… happy friday! :)

  94. why can’t I tweet using smart gateway? Help pls….

  95. ja

    it aint functioning right now and some past few days. why is that :(

  96. summer

    I’ve tried using all the other globe numbers, but i still can’t tweet for about a month from now. Help please?

  97. Anonymous

    hi there. my number has already been registered and its was said that I should go to http wp.me pal2p-79 now how would i go to that page?

  98. I registered my cell # to my twitter account and it was perfectly working, until I created a new twitter account. This time my txt msgs. don’t reach my twitter account anymore. (I registered the same cell # to the 2nd account)

    P.S. I won’t be using my 1st twitter account anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Most probably coz it’s redirected to 2 numbers that’s why it’s failing. try deleting your first acct. :)

  99. Anonymous

    i really don’t know how to use this thing. :(

  100. Hello there. I have a question. What if i have a postpaid number. Will you charge me for a tweet? If so, how much per tweet?

  101. Anonymous

    how to know if you’re already registered? on the first reg. theres no confirmation so i tried to reg again it says that my no. is already reg hihi i dont know where to send my tweets :D

  102. Anonymous

    Hi! Why cant i send my tweets on this number 237370733? It always says that the msg cant be sent. Ive been using two numbers already but still the same. Aww :( Can you explain it to me? Please? Thanks!

  103. Anonymous

    I already registered online & on my mobile but whenever I try to tweet I get a text saying “U need to register first before u can avail….” I’ve been registering again and again and the same thing happens. HELP

  104. Angel

    Hi, I changed my number in Smart. Now, I’m using Talk ‘n Txt. Is it possible if I register my TnT number in the same Twitter account (where my Smart number was also registered??)? Thanks.

  105. YNS

    hi there! i deactivated my old account and registered my number. is it possible to register again using the same number? HELP!

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      yes. u can reg more than 1 number

      – sent from my iPhone-wannabe

      • hi! do u knw why I cant post now using my 1st num I registred in tweetitow?? is it because i had regstered another num.? pls reps on this matter tnxxx

  106. @tweetitow How do I start?

  107. @tweetitow How do I start?

  108. anna

    Can you please delete my old number +639265034757 in tweetitow? Someone snatched my phone and now I am worried that he might say random stuffs in my twitter account. PLEASE HELP ME RIGHT AWAY. It’s for security purposes.. God Bless and Thank you!

  109. how can i recieve mentions via text?

  110. Anonymous

    If i am registered with unlitxt globe, is it unlimited too? Thanks. =))

  111. Anonymous

    Hi. How much does it cost per tweet? 1 peso?

  112. Martine Tan

    It’s not working. Tweets doesn’t show up on my timeline. It just stopped working for days already. Pls help! BTW, I’m using a smart gateway number. Thank you

  113. it’s not working on my old twitter, can i use the same number?

  114. Anonymous

    Some of my tweets aren’t posted. Why? And now I’m trying it again, no tweets are being posted. Why?

  115. I changed my number, Can I still tweet on a different account?

  116. Anonymous

    My tweets are not appearing :(

  117. ncismarathon

    have registered twice and it’s still not working. please help. thanks much. @ncismarathon

  118. ncismarathon

    I have registered twice. Kindly check. @ncismarathon. Thanks.

  119. mayi

    db dpat pag log ng twitter aappear yung confirmation for the app? wla kasing lumabas sa kin. sorry for the bother. i’m kinda slow with registration thingies. hehehe, thanks for the help. ^_^

  120. j

    does it work for protected/private accounts yet?

  121. nikki

    Just want to ask how much per tweet does tweetitow costs? my phone bill had just reached almost 3K kasi because of that mobile browsing kaya I tried this application at sana maka mura ako kahit papano as I update my tweets. Kaso hesitant pa kong gamitin kasi nga baka you’ll charge me so much. Thanks. :D

  122. Yan

    Nagpalit ako ng sim card so kailangan ko mag register ulit syempre kaso bakit wala naman ako narereceive na confirmation na registered na ako?

  123. ceejay104

    my tweets are not appearing too

  124. crystal seran

    hey, my tweets are not appearing… pls help me. tnx a lot! my username is @itscrystalseran

  125. I still don’y understand how to use it. :(

  126. I still don’t understand how to use it. :(

  127. Yssaw

    Hi po. Pwede ba magsend ang TM users?

  128. Isabel

    nakasulitxt ako, pero hindi nababawasan regular load ko, neither yung sulitxt balance ko? kinakabahan ako baka sa bills lumabas yun, lagot ako sa mommy ko. :)) but i dont think na connected kayo sa ganon. di ba parang ordinary text lang yun? please tell me bakit di nababawasan :) thanks!

    • Isabel

      btw, i meant di ako nababawasan ng any load pag naguupdate ako ng status. im sending messages to the 23737033.

      • ajAzores

        my tweets are not appearing :( what will I do? sooooooooooooo SAD :(
        my tweets are not appearing :( what will I do? sooooooooooooo SAD :(
        my tweets are not appearing :( what will I do? sooooooooooooo SAD :(
        my tweets are not appearing :( what will I do? sooooooooooooo SAD :(
        my tweets are not appearing :( what will I do? sooooooooooooo SAD :(
        my tweets are not appearing :( what will I do? sooooooooooooo SAD :(
        my tweets are not appearing :( what will I do? sooooooooooooo SAD :(
        my tweets are not appearing :( what will I do? sooooooooooooo SAD :(

  129. Hi! Do you press charges if you’re postpaid plan?

  130. Anonymous

    dapat bang makasign.off ako sa twitter para maactivate yung tweets ko???:)

  131. Ella

    I can’t tweet for about a month now. I tried to register again, but my tweets won’t appear. I seriously need help

  132. My tweets are delayed. Help me please. Btw, love tweetitow, the only problem is my tweets are delayed

  133. yelkiddo

    I didn’t saw my tweets. :| My username’s yellkiddo.

  134. anonymouuuusssssss

    i can’t use my tweetitow. nkapag’register nakoo. :( help meh. please? i want to use tweetitow. :p

  135. Anonymous

    hello i register my account and sun and still whenever i text. my tweet doesnt show up. please fix it as soon as possible. username : benbeenj

  136. kryn

    y my tweetitow dont work??

  137. kanney

    been wanting to twitpic. Pano? I’m using samsung GT-B3510.

  138. anonymous

    my tweets are not showing since last month.. why?? I re registered many times already but still my tweets are not showing.. I keep on tweeting @owrange on twitter but she’s not responding..pls help.. Im using sun, my username is @naishinnolucile

  139. fifteeneighteen

    hi! i registered in tweetitow 2 times but still my tweets dont show up :( can you help me? :) my account is @fifteeneighteen :D thank you!

  140. anne

    hello. Ask ko lang kung ano tong narereceive kong message. Paulit ulit ko kasing narereceive, hindi na tumigil.

    “Hi there, this number now registered to kiatkiat09. Please refer to this page http:/wp.me/PAl2p-79 for more info on how to use @tweetitow.”

  141. Reg

    hello. pag postpaid tas naka mysuperplan na unlit txt, same lang din yung charge? or mas malaki?

  142. Anonymous

    how to re-register? i havent used my account for months and i can’t /on anymore :|

  143. Anonymous

    hi…i alreadry registered to @tweetitow..but i want to remove the other number..how can i do that?

  144. anonymous

    registered with tweetitow and tweets do not show up on twitter…. twitter username joeyinphil …. please help….

  145. wiway

    bakit po hindi ako nakakareceive ng message pag tinetext ko yung /on??? or /follow???

  146. Sai

    Hi! I registered today. I received a confirmation message. But I my text do not post to my twitter. My username is @saipaulin THANKS! :)

  147. Anonymous

    I already registered as a Sun user before but I changed my Sim and now I’m globe. How do I register again but as a globe user? Thanks :D

    • Anonymous

      If I already signed up as a Sun user, how do I register again cause I changed to Globe recently? Thanks~ :D

  148. salmantalib

    hello.why I cant post my tweet on my #fb? any help pls..

  149. Nik

    Hi! I registered at @tweetitow many times already but the tweets via SMS won’t show up on my twitter acct. Your assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks. My username is @nikkaguevara

  150. yen

    how can i know if someone tweeted me? or how can i see the tweets? updates?

  151. Anonymous

    how to deactivate my tweetitow?

  152. marshiemie

    bakit ganon. hindi lumalabas yung mga tweets ko from my phone to my twitter page?

  153. Iamwie

    hi just wanna ask bakit hindi lumalabs yung mga tweets ko from my phone to my twitter page?
    My username is iamwie

  154. Cy

    bakit mag kaiba yung number for registration at sa pag send ng tweets? o pwedeng dito ko na lang isend 0905-304-2534 tweets ko?

  155. bb

    Filipinos are very talented to provide a site like this.. thanks!

  156. tiN

    how do i get twitter notifications? is it also free?

  157. Anonymous

    Hiiiiiii, I’ve been registered to tweetitow for quite some time like last year pa. Then when I send my tweets to tweetitow, they won’t show up on my twitter. My username’s mariesddy. Thanks!

  158. natzbalila

    hi, just today, tweetitow has stopped posting my tweets.. but my boyfriend’s tweetitow still works. i wonder why. my username is natzbalila. thanks.

    • Rainier

      Sakin din. Hindi nag-aapear or lumalabas. |:

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      kindly try to re-register at app.tweetitow.com. if it does not solve the problem, pls message me again.


      • Joana

        I already re-registered few times and my tweets are still not posting. :(
        username is @imjoanavictoria

  159. I use tweetitow. Nag palit ako ng username sa twitter, ang dati kong username, HzlMrie. Pinalitan ko ng hzlmrielags. Registered na daw yon. Pero pag nag tweet ako sa phone ko, hindi lumalabas sa twitter page ko. Paano yon? Globe ako. Thanks :)

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      have u re-reg already? if not please re-register at app.tweetitow.com. anyhoo, will ask mark to check on this.

  160. Rainier Quinto

    How can I tweet using my cp na? Nakareg na ako eh. Nakareceive na ako ng confirmation message. Naguguluhan pa rin ako. Sorry.

  161. myk

    Hi, I really need to unregister my previous cellphone number here at tweetitow since I’m not using it anymore. Now I have two cellphone numbers registered here and I want to unregister the old one. How? I really need an answer. Thanks. :)

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      sorry. we do not have the unregister feature yet. anyhoo, u can have more than 1 phone number in ur account. thanks

      • Carlrage

        If i registered my number to another account hindi ko na sya pwde ilipat sa primary account ko?

  162. Anonymous

    ayaw gumana nung /on :(

  163. Regine

    Hello! Naka Register po ako Sa tweetitow, Tas pag Mag tutweet na ako using tweetitow, hindi nalabas yung mga Tweets ko sa Twitter ko? My username is GineElites :) THAANKSSS!

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      what gateway did you send ur tweets — sun, globe or smart? if sun, expect delays.

  164. julius

    hi just wanna ask bakit hindi lumalabs yung mga tweets ko from my phone to my twitter page?

  165. mj

    Pano po mag unregister? Pwede ba yun? Kasi gusto ko sana i-reg yung isang kong twitter with the same number kaya lang nakareg yung number na yun sa isa kong twitter..

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      just reg ur number to your new twitter account. it will disable it from ur other account. thanks

  166. Stella

    I dont know :))

  167. paw

    Finally! I saw a tweet via tweetitow JUST NOW. Finally. Thanks!

  168. paw

    Is there a text confirmation kapag na-register na? My tweets are still not posted when I use tweetitow :(

  169. pat

    eeeeerrrr. hindi na ako nakakatweet since last month/last year. then nag reg ako ulit pero wala pa din. hindi pa din ako naka register.

  170. Anonymous

    IT’S WORKING!:))

  171. traizel

    hello..where can i send my tweets..thanks..

  172. cecilfreelifers

    how come when i do tweeting from my sun number its not working anymore or it doesn’t appear on tweeter or FB, but my globe still fine. Pls help me. Thanks :-(

  173. yoitsisay

    How will I see my @mentions? Is there a charge?

  174. hi, my phone’s already registered but why don’t i receive any text confirmation whenever i send a command? i can’t use my credits. :(

  175. All Tokio Hotel

    Hello! Where would I send my tweets? Is it the same number I registered to?

  176. Anonymous

    hi! i just registered to tweetitow. (@roviedear) to which number should i send my tweets? thanks

  177. Jordan

    IT’s not working! How can i deactivate my number? So i can register again. Thanks.

  178. Jordan

    Please help me, Ive registered already! But I dont know what to do next! haha. How can I tweet now? Thanks.

  179. liza

    i registered both my globe and sun number..
    globe is working. sun is not..why?
    i also want to deactivate my globe num and use only sun.how?

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      hi. we have weak signal for sun cellular that’s why it can get problematic.

  180. tim

    I have a question: I have a twitter account and I use tweetitow, however I am making a new account and I registered this new account but with the same cellphone number. Does this automatically un-register the old twitter account? Can two twitter accounts be registered to the same phone number? Thank you!

  181. chazz

    Bakit di ko makita yung tweet ko pero naka register nko. :(

  182. Earvin

    what if i want to know who mention me, and i texted /on. will there be any cost to my balance?

  183. aja

    hi! i would just like to ask why my 140+ char posts from the past few days weren’t posted? ;c is something wrong with Tweetitow? i even tried tweeting thru tweetitow with 140+ char a while ago, still that tweet didn’t seem to appear. why.. :c ..

  184. -

    Is there a fee if I use the /on or /follow commands? Thanks.

  185. tin

    I want to tweet a pic. how can i do that? By using my phone? Im using 2630.

  186. Im using tweetitow for 8 months siguro… at the best talaga to! :D uselees ang twitter pag walang tweetitow… oha oha.. :D More power guys,, :D

  187. Cess

    It was working a couple of hours ago, but now it won’t.

  188. behds

    i haven’t receive any text confirmation if i’m online on my phone. i followed the instructions posted, and it’s not working. :(

  189. behds

    it’s not working :(

  190. If I register to unlimited texting, will my tweets thru tweetitow be counted as regular messages or will it charge separately?

    • it will be part of the unli service. :) or any service so long as it is within the network coverage. (example: sulitext from globe. if your account is registered to globe, then your tweets will be deducted from the 100 globe-to-globe texts. if you’re using combo service from sun, your tweets will be deducted from the sun-to-sun texts. but never on your load balance itself so long as you’re registered to such services from your network. :)

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      no charge. it will be part of ur unlitxt. tanks

  191. Nicole

    Hello. I’ve been tweeting all day yesterday using @tweetitow but none of my tweets appeared. I used my cousin’s phone but I sent it to the number registered to me. What went wrong?

    • if im correct (admin can correct my error)… you can’t tweet using another phone number. even if you send it to the same gateway number, it wont come out since the number you used (which is your cousin’s) is not registered to @tweetitow. it really has to be the number originally registered to the service. :)

  192. can i know if someone mentioned me?

  193. princes

    wat if my tweets are too long?

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      @tweetitow can support more than 140 char as long as your acct is not set to private

      • aja

        hi! i would just like to ask why my 140+ char posts from the past few days weren’t posted? ;c is something wrong with Tweetitow? i even tried tweeting thru tweetitow with 140+ char a while ago, still that tweet didn’t seem to appear. why.. :c

  194. :)

    after registration, how can i start to post tweet from my phone?

  195. Liezl de jesus

    After my first registration, my tweets appear on my twitter account. But after several tweets, i noticed that the messages that i send as my tweets doesn’t appear on my Twitter account. Why is that so?

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      kindly provide me with your username so we can check. u can msg me at @owrange. thanks

  196. hi how can i upload picture?

  197. ginnthegreat

    Will I see tweets mentioning me using @tweetitow? :)

  198. Aj Padama

    I am registered na, how can I send my tweets using these? Please help me. Thanks!

  199. grace

    i regstered several tmes but it does not wanna tweet in my prof whenever i send through tweetitow.

  200. jill

    how do yout tweet via tweetitiow using your phone? what do you type and where fo you send it?

  201. grace

    Hey. I cant send my tweets via sms. Ive registered through tweetitow.. My relative also registered through my phone and we got the same numbr to send. Is it poosible that ths is the reason why it does nt want to send tweets? Can you unreg @imikael19 and reg me again?

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      kindly just register again ur account and ur number. it will un-register it from ur cuz’s acct. thanks

  202. Ying

    i registered using my sun but didnt receive any texts after. i tried again, still no text. i tried using my globe, i received a message redirecting me to this page. what now? i want to use my sun sana to update my tweets, my globe was just an option. how do i start tweeting using my phone? help. please and thank you.

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      no confirmation text will be sent to sun/smart 3s that’s why. confirmation is only via mentions. kindly try tweeting via ur sun to see if it works.


  203. I send my tweets to this number: 0905-304-2534, but it won’t appear on my page. :(

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      it works fine on my end. when did you send it? kindly try again, and let me know if it still does not work. u can message me @owrange. sorry about that

  204. Hi, I’m using the globe unlimited texting all you can postpaid service. Will tweeting through tweetitow add to my bill or will it just register as a text to another globe number?

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      it will just register as a text to another globe number. it will be part of the unli

  205. syria

    yung receiving mentions or DM for globe users lang talaga?.. TM wala?.. kasi di gumagana sa akin eh.. thanks!.. TM ako..

  206. syria

    hindi ko maintindihan yung receiving of updates.. hahaha.. paano yun?

  207. Hey Guys.., Please help me. I cant recieve any updates (tweets nor DM) What’s the big idea? o.O

  208. Hey, Please help me. I cant recieve any updates (tweets nor DM) What’s the big idea? o.O

  209. ok b to?hehe . .mukhang ndi

  210. Anonymous

    yeah im spending credits

  211. Nikki

    How does this actually works? Are you going to manually update my Twitter account?

  212. tmlaureta

    Hello. Just want to ask. Is there a charge fee per tweet? And Can I tweet unlimitedly if I avail on unlimited texting on the telco? tnxtnx.

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      @tweetitow is free but ur network’s standard txt rates apply.unli applies

  213. Jean Abad

    Pa’no po yung makareceive ng tweets sa phone? :|

  214. nikki

    i haven’t received a confirmation message in my sun no.

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      confirmation is only via mention in twitter. no confirmation via text is sent out.

  215. hi! i still don’t have any confirmation yet :( why? im using my sun number. thanks!

  216. enchen

    hello!how can i receive my mentions from twitter to my phone? im using the Smart Gateway.

  217. How can I get credits po ba? May dapat po bang itext para dun at saan issend? Please teach me.. Thanks! :)

  218. mau

    how could i set up my accnt. so I cud see the reply of my followers?

  219. karen

    how to register ?? tnx

  220. Hey :) I registered already the reply I got from my phone was go to http://wp.me/PAl2p-79 But, that address shows how to register. And also, How do I tweet? Thanks~

  221. Anonymous

    I have already registered but i don’t know who to tweetitow.

  222. Kristine

    Its not working! :( I registered already and I tried tweeting.. It wont show in Twitter.

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      kindly try to send ur mobile registration to this # +639274041751. Thanks

  223. adi

    I’m registered here and my phone was stolen. Is registering again will be allowed for the same account or not?

  224. gracie

    i tried texting /on but it keeps saying i dont have enough load. i do. im online on my phone right now. how can i receive updates now?? please reply!!

  225. mary

    Hi, why does my tweetitow account not reload credits everyday? It says I do not have enough credits. Please help me. Thanks. :D

  226. Shane

    Hi. Does the free 50 credits everyday still works? Coz I checked my credits today and yesterday, it was zero. I think there’s a problem with my account. It started depleting when I unfollowed some Twitter users. Please help me.

  227. hey can anyone help me,, my API doesn’t worked anymore! i just didn’t update my status just for a day, then i tweet using these, and it doesnt work!! pls help me!!! cmon…

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      hi, @tweetitow was down yesterday due to power interruption. but it’s owkei now. u can now send ur tweet updates. thanks

  228. mitch

    i changed the password of my twitter acct so i registerd again. they only replied to see this website.
    i dunno what to do. im not registered anymore?!

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      after u register again, that’s it na. don’t mind the reply u receive.


  229. i changed my password on twitter, and im trying to register again. it says that i cannot use my mobile number again. what should i do?



  230. What if I’m a sun plan holder, its unlimited call and text. Is it free if I subscribe here?

  231. ayaw na gumana ng API ko. :((

  232. how do i increase the number of users that i follow on tweetitow? the link above is gone. thanks

  233. HotAsIce

    How will I send you load Tweetitow? I want to increase my credits?

  234. insane

    Hi @owrange. i changed my username and now i tried to register again but i am not getting any tweets or even notifications/mentions from people. pero nakakapagtweet ako. ano po bang problem? yung account ko lang po ba toh? or magregister ako ulit? sinearch ko napo kasi sa mga comments dito ayaw parin po eh. thank you.

  235. kei

    hi, good day. i have registered in tweetitow already. i could already tweet using my smart phone but why is it i cant receive twitter mentions even if i had texted /on thanks!

  236. john

    pag tnxt ko ba sa number nyo sa globe ung gusto kong sbhn sa twitter, it will automatically show up on my twitter account??ganun ba un?

  237. liz

    what if i changed my username???

  238. mugsy

    hi! i always use tweetitow, i changed my number so how do i unsubscribe my old number so i could register my new number instead?

  239. hazelramos

    Thanks the updates were back. :)

  240. hazelramos

    * how come

  241. hazelramos

    hey there. how came i never received any updates today? for the whole day. is there any problem?

    • owrange

      the receive updates was off in the afternoon yestrday bcoz of slow internet connection. But it was back around midnight.

  242. for philipines provider only?

    • owrange

      Yes. Because international users will be billed w/ international text rates. =)

  243. how can i delete my posterous account?

  244. are posts through api can be passed to posterous then automatically post them to FB? if yes, how? thank you.. :)

  245. is it possible to receive a status comments of facebook in my phone through tweetitow? if yes, how? thanks.. :)

  246. joey

    hi, ive changed my username. should i register it again? thanks,

  247. Rated Your True Colors by nielquisaba :) My threadless username is “steffiorogo”. Thank you.

  248. what just happened? i can’t send tweets and recieve updates as well at this moment…

    will it be temporary? please work on it, I’m really a big user of your service, please do something right away. I’m a globe user by the way..
    thx. :)

  249. justafallacy

    I just read the earlier comments. You’re service is amazing! I mean, free credits? Amazing! Plus, if I’m not mistaken, updating tweets via @tweetitow is free if you’re registered in an unlimited texting service, right? Good job. More power to you guys! Now I am more addicted to twitter than ever. :))

    P.S. Please still answer my question earlier. :p

  250. justafallacy

    I am already using your service. And I find it really awesome. :) Though I would like to ask, just to be sure — is this safe? I’m afraid that my password and/or cellphone number will be leaked… So can you guarantee me that it wont happen?

  251. cf

    What if I changed my password? Do I need to register again?

  252. Zetsubou-neechan

    So if my sms exceeds 140 characters, it won’t show up as a tweet?

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  254. ive registered as a sun user…before, i can still read updates of the people i follow, but now, i cant get any replies from twitter…even sending the keyword /help, still got no reply

  255. karnna

    i registered using my Sun SIM but no response.

  256. enna

    hi how can I change my twitter account into a new one? can i change my twitter acct using the same number? Thanks

  257. how can I reload?

  258. Air

    what will i do if i want to disable my registration here? or what if I changed my password?

  259. kim

    Can I register the same twitter account that I’ve already registered before using a new number? :D

  260. huwaw. am trying to build the same thing:P already done with the updates. But I think I’ll use your service instead. BTW, what phone models are you using? SE ata yung nakita dun sa isang picture.

  261. Nick

    How can i load up? About the credit. How is it to receive new tweets again?

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  263. this is great! thanks for this :)

  264. salvador_08

    nice work @weetitow…keep it up.. :-)

    how can i get credits?thanks :-)

  265. I LOVE @tweetitow even more!!!hahahaha im gonna wait till the sun chruvah comes..yeah! ang galing ng features

  266. hey!! just want to ask.. is this for GLOBE users only?? DAMN!! im using SUN :'(

  267. lan

    hey how can i get credits if i have o credits pls pls reply!!

    • owrange

      For your credit concerns, pls MSG me over Twitter @owrange so I would know what username to send credits to =)

  268. Joowel

    Ano pong pwedeng gawin pag wala ng credits. Pls reply(:

  269. lyka

    same question here, if i ran out of credits? thanks. it works perfectly, tried it just now! goodjob:)

    • owrange

      Pls MSG @tweetitow or @owrange. But better MSG @owrange, she’s more alert in responding.

      Feel free to MSG/comment/tweet us re concerns/problem. We appreciate all kinds of feedbacks =)

  270. ay. globe plng :(

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  272. chezca

    hey how can i get credits if i have o credits pls pls reply!!

    • owrange

      sent. Tenchu =)

      • chezca

        thanks but what if i want to ghet more credits how can i get it!!!is this free!!!if not how much it cost and how?

        • owrange

          we’re beta testing the ver2 so receiving updates is free for now.
          sending updates will ALWAYS BE FREE. =)

          • meannski

            hi! can you kindly help me. i already registered for tweetitow but the tweets from my phone don’t show up on twitter. can someone actually check my registration? i haven’t used tweetitow for several days now. thanks! :)

            • Rose Buenconsejo

              pls give me ur username so i can check. or msg me at @owrange or @tweetitow. thanks

              • cecilfreelifers

                can u pls help me, how come when I used my sun to tweets on tweeter and FB it doesn’t appear the messages. But my globe works fine. Appreciate your help. Thanks